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At infoLink we create web sites that work! The sky's the limit. We are a breath of fresh air in the field of web design and construction.

Whether it's a brand new web site you want or a revamp of an existing one, then you've come to the right place. Our vision is sky high but our feet are always on the ground.

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We have the Tools

infoLink has all the Tools

Seriously, we have all the tools required, much more sophisticated than these! Of course there's our expertise and considerable experience.

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We get your info

Yes, get it to us any way you can, about the only method we don't do is carrier pigeon! And perhaps not floppy disk?

We will even help you decide what information should go on your web site and help you present it professionally.

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We are here to Help

At infoLink we are ready to Help

Forget about the stumbling blocks or things you don't understand about the web, let us worry about that for you.

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Special Offer…

We have been working on a new web app designed as an online ordering system for small businesses. This example is for a take-away pizza shop but may be modified for other businesses. If you want to trial the system in your business, or know of someone who would, contact us, we’re currently giving away a free three-month trial.

Offer Expires March 31, 2013

The system is mobile-device-aware and works brilliantly on iPad and iPhone as well as desktops. More Details.

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